Alice | A Virtual Theme Park



Alice: Leda Douglas

Cook/Dormouse: Annabelle Terry

The Madhatter: Dharmesh Patel

The March Hare: Colm Gormley

The Queen of Hearts: Vera Chok

The Tweedles: Tom Richardson

The White Rabbit: Nicky Harley

The audience


Producers: Big Telly Theatre Company, and Creation Theatre

Director & Adaptor: Zoe Seaton

Stage Manager (Zoom Wizard): Sinead Owens

Writer (The Mad Hatter's Hat): Charlotte Keatley

Production Manager: Giles Stoakley

Costume and Set Design: Ryan Dawson Laight

Lighting Design: Ashley Bale

Sound Design: Matt Eaton

Music Composition: Ben Davies

Animation: Mark Charlton

Cheshire Cat, show website and 3D Zoom technology:

Hedgehog Game Design: FoxDog Studios

Illusion: Paul Mc Eneaney

Costume/Prop Makers: Elliotesquire, Julie Sayer, Lou Petty, Ben Redfern, Kingsley Hall, Maria Terry, Rosie Whiting

PR: Fourth Wall PR

With thanks to: Catherine Idle, Arthur White, Orion Z Slater